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Twilight Charms

Always Charming - TWI-001: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired "Be Safe" Charm details » $7.00

Always Charming - TWI-002: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired "Bite Me" Charm details » $11.00

Always Charming - TWI-006: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired Chess Piece Charm. The chess piece is on the cover of the second book, New… details » $13.00

Always Charming - TWI-007: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired Motorcycle Charm. After months of depression following Edward's abandonment, Bella discovered she could hear his voice… details » $11.00

Always Charming - TWI-008: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired Bella Heart Charm with Blood Red Crystal details » $21.00

Always Charming - TWI-009: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired Jacob Heart Charm with Blood Red Crystal details » $21.00

Always Charming - TWI-010: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired Edward Heart Charm with Blood Red Crystal details » $21.00

Always Charming - TWI-013: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired Bella Lamb Locket. Edward says to Bella "and so the lion fell in love with the… details » $28.00

Always Charming - TWI-015: Sterling Silver & Clear Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm. Edward added a diamond heart charm to Bella's charm bracelet to represent… details » $7.00

Always Charming - TWI-016: Sterling Silver & Blood Red Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm details » $7.00

Always Charming - EN-015: Sterling Silver Apple Charm: Red Enamel The apple appeared on the cover of the first twilight book. It has become… details » $26.00

Always Charming - OO-1160: Sterling Silver Alphabet Letter B Charm, Sm. B for Bella details » $10.00

Always Charming - OO-1163: Sterling Silver Alphabet Letter E Charm, Sm. E for Edward details » $10.00

Always Charming - LLL-2075: Sterling Silver Truck Charm, Pickup Truck Bella's dad, Charlie, gave her an old pickup truck when she first moved to… details » $23.00

Always Charming - TWI-003: Sterling Silver Twilight Inspired "Team Jacob" Charm. Fans popularized the term "Team Jacob" to show support for their favorite character… details » $10.00


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