Attaching Charms

There are several options when it comes to attaching your charms to a traditional chain style charm bracelet.

  1. Sterling silver jump ring. This is a small sterling circle of silver and the ends of the ring just touch together. This is not a secure way to attach your charms to a bracelet. Jump rings should be soldered by your local jeweler or jewelry repair person.
  2. Sterling silver split ring. A split ring is like a mini (double) key ring. Sterling is a soft metal so try not to open the ring too wide or you will have a difficult time making the 2 circles fit together again. Be sure the split ring is shut tightly so the charms cannot work off and
    so the edge of the split ring does not catch on your clothing and pull open. Use a small needle nose plier or your tweezers to gently pinch the ring shut.
  3. Silver colored metal split ring. At Always Charming we frequently use metal split rings when attaching your charms to your bracelet.
    This ring is much more difficult to pry open than a sterling split ring but we really think it is the most secure option as it closes tightly. 
    Our in-store customers like this option also. Do not use these split rings if you have a metal allergy.

All our sterling silver charms will be shipped with sterling silver split rings. If you would prefer silver jump rings or silver colored metal split rings, please make a note in the comment section of the order form.

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