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Come back often as we add more charms, findings and other essentials for your charming life!

Thank you for choosing Always Charming. The life long gift for any occasion is memories. At Always Charming, we enjoy sharing your occasions and memories of a lifetime. Whether a birth, a birthday, a special occasion, a wedding, a graduation....a smile, a song, a smell, a sky, a beloved pet....we all build our lives on memories. The precious gift of a charm to wear reminds us all of the wonders of our lives.

Let us help you build your memories..... Always Charming, always


Always Charming is a family owned business established in the summer of 1999. Our business, originally conceived in 1997, became a reality after relocating to Michigan, and has been growing steadily ever since. What started as an interest has blossomed into our passion.

At the start of this journey we carried a mere 400 charms, and are now pleased to be able to offer over 2,800 sterling silver charms. In addition to charms, our sterling silver jewelry line includes charm bracelets, chains, and charm pins.

We pride ourselves in offering jewelry pieces that are tailored to your personal interests, tastes, passions, and desires. Our jewelry is a perfect way to display who you are, were, or want to be. Our treasures, whether bought for you or given as gifts, will be cherished for years to come.

Lee Ann Blakely & the Staff at Always Charming

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